J_midshot2“I aspire to inspire til I expire.” ~ Les Brown.

Hi, my name is Julienne de Leon and I’m a writer, model, x-party pit blackjack dealer and freelance coordinator. I have always had a love for anything on the visual and creative side and always looking for opportunities to fuel my desire to express myself…

At this moment, I enjoy being young and career driven. When I’m not focused on my career, I love going out with friends to new places and events, traveling, or trying something new such as arts and crafts and writing about it. I love how blogging serves as a creative outlet for me. Currently I’m pushing my model / talent skills to new heights and working on my event design / coordinating career and would love to one day throw high end parties. What can I say I’m a libra (yes, I embrace my horoscope), and I love being surrounded by beautiful people, places and things. Life is a playground and we should always try to have fun and make the best out of everything.

A little more about me… I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada at age 20. And it was a whirlwind of an adventure, full of obstacles and wild nights. It’s definitely a fun town especially when you’re in your early 20’s and from early on I knew that I loved seeing new places, meeting different people and checking out new happenings. It satisfies my insatiable curiosity about everything. If someone says don’t touch the fire I may touch it anyway, bad habit, but at least I live and learn.

I also began to experiment with different things to help me grow and then discovered the power of social networking and reaching out to connect via internet, hence blogging. This blog started with an idea in mind; to share what I enjoy with others which is… art, fun places, events I’ve attended and amazing people I’ve met who I feel make an impact. I’d like to help educate, as well as entertain others about things they don’t already know of as well as inspire.

This is my first post, albeit my test post. Check back often. My blogs will come slowly but surely. And I most likely will be editing my bio and modifying my site from time to time. Wish me luck on all my endeavors!

xoxo Julienne 11/2013


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