Holiday Place Setting Tutorial…

I enjoy being crafty on my spare time, and I owe it to my mom who’s very arts and crafty herself. I remember always going with her to Michael’s stores in the past to help her create décor around the house and sometimes we’d get very elaborate. I’m grateful for my mom showing and teaching me that DIY projects are fun because it has been a hobby ever since I can remember, and most importantly I’m sure my talents will carry on with my future event planning profession which is a good thing.


So Christmas day has passed and here I am writing on my blog which I hardly attend to these days due to my busy schedule. But I feel the need to share a Christmas place setting I made, perfect for those holiday dinner parties or social setting. I thank my subscribers for being interested in my content and I hope you enjoy what I post for you and feel free to share or follow if you aren’t already!

This place setting was initially my roommate’s idea, she wanted to use candy canes and so off to the store I went after a Christmas Eve dinner at Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse, thankfully Walgreens was open, and I bought mint and chocolate candy canes with stripes of brown to match her big wooden table. Now I’ll just go ahead and list the place setting tutorial in easy steps with photos for you to get a clear picture of how it was done:

Need: Glue Gun, Dried Flowers (Baby’s Breath), Tape, Decorative Paper, Cardboard, Squiggly and Straight Scissors, Lighter, Cutting Board, Damp Paper towel, Permanent Marker, Ribbons

Step 1: Use a glue gun and make a tripod with a branch from the Baby’s Breath flowers and two candy canes. Glue one candy cane facing down with the branch and then the other upside down cane to the other side of the branch, leveled. Hold until dry which should only take a few seconds.


Step 2: Cut rectangles out of any decorative paper and burn all the edges. Then quickly pat them off with a damp paper towel so that it doesn’t burn too much but gives it a nice edge. Write name with marker.

cc5 cc6

Step 3: Use a squiggly scissor to cut rectangles (same amount as the decorative paper) but from cardboard this time and make sure it’s at least ¾” bigger all around to give the name label a border. And it doesn’t need to be perfect. I was going for a rustic, handcrafted look to match the rustic table so I like that my cutouts weren’t perfectly cut.


Step 4: Tape the bottom of the decorative paper to the cardboard to make a nice border for name label, and place on the candy canes.

cc8 cc10

Step 5: Grab a few pieces of the Baby’s Breath flowers and insert them on the top of the tripod.


Step 6: Choose 3 ribbon colors and tie them onto the top to hide the ends of the flower branches and curl them with a scissor. I chose brown and red to match the colors of the canes and then white to match the plates so that the color white flows throughout the dinner table.

cc12 cc13

Ta da!



Sweet Raku…

Sometimes you gotta get out on the beaten path and try something new, like Sweet Raku on the west side of the Strip in Chinatown for a change. Local or not it’s a place worth going to.

 It’s not every day you find a hidden gem, and this is hidden literally. While most places are advertised on flashy billboards or within the casino floors, Sweet Raku is tucked in a small plaza which is somewhat dark at night and hard to find but once found it makes it all worthwhile.  You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you see a large silver spoon hanging on its plain façade with no sign in sight but a red carpet leading to a glass doorway. The entrance already piqued my interest as I walked in; you’re welcomed with a floor to ceiling wine shelf and then a bright interior of a kitchen and bar stools in a quaint room with only a few tables. My first impression of the place was a Japanese Martha Stewart meets Willy Wonka. There were cute Japanese women noiselessly baking and we were immediately greeted by a kind waitress who insisted we sit at the bar to watch. The first thing handed to us was an edible menu made out of rice paper; it was tasty with the raspberry sauce that was served shortly after. I would suggest purchasing a course meal which includes 3 desserts, plus that gives you time to watch other desserts being made. Everything was handled so delicately and with artistry, it’s an experience you’d have to see for yourself. (I included links below for you to check out beforehand). And as for the décor, everything was charming and cohesively put together from the tiles and utensils on the wall to the bathroom. Yes… the bathroom. It took me a minute to figure out the sink… It was a brilliant but odd display. Places like this make me want to design my own place so bad!

I recall being rebellious in design school because most of my instructors, ironically, taught in cookie cutter ways, but venues such as this prove that your imagination can take you places. Always be memorable and think outside the box! In the meantime, here are some shots of me and friends at Sweet Raku…




5040 W. Spring Mountain Rd. #3, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146