Sweet Raku…

Sometimes you gotta get out on the beaten path and try something new, like Sweet Raku on the west side of the Strip in Chinatown for a change. Local or not it’s a place worth going to.

 It’s not every day you find a hidden gem, and this is hidden literally. While most places are advertised on flashy billboards or within the casino floors, Sweet Raku is tucked in a small plaza which is somewhat dark at night and hard to find but once found it makes it all worthwhile.  You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you see a large silver spoon hanging on its plain façade with no sign in sight but a red carpet leading to a glass doorway. The entrance already piqued my interest as I walked in; you’re welcomed with a floor to ceiling wine shelf and then a bright interior of a kitchen and bar stools in a quaint room with only a few tables. My first impression of the place was a Japanese Martha Stewart meets Willy Wonka. There were cute Japanese women noiselessly baking and we were immediately greeted by a kind waitress who insisted we sit at the bar to watch. The first thing handed to us was an edible menu made out of rice paper; it was tasty with the raspberry sauce that was served shortly after. I would suggest purchasing a course meal which includes 3 desserts, plus that gives you time to watch other desserts being made. Everything was handled so delicately and with artistry, it’s an experience you’d have to see for yourself. (I included links below for you to check out beforehand). And as for the décor, everything was charming and cohesively put together from the tiles and utensils on the wall to the bathroom. Yes… the bathroom. It took me a minute to figure out the sink… It was a brilliant but odd display. Places like this make me want to design my own place so bad!

I recall being rebellious in design school because most of my instructors, ironically, taught in cookie cutter ways, but venues such as this prove that your imagination can take you places. Always be memorable and think outside the box! In the meantime, here are some shots of me and friends at Sweet Raku…




5040 W. Spring Mountain Rd. #3, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146