About this Blog

I love showing versatility in everything I do, it’s been embedded in me throughout my life, and I vow to be a lifelong learner, in which I’ll always expose myself to new things and learn something new everyday. I feel bloggers become bloggers to expand their mind and share, it’s the key to unity. Anyhow, my versatility began to show artistically when I was 4 years old when my first creation was drawing a face on a milk carton cap and then making a body for it. Later, I remember illustrating notes to my parents to express myself and experimenting with papier-mâché. I made a kitchen using boxes as counters, a refrigerator and a stove top and would often times find objects around the house and from my backyard to create a toy. I used my creativity throughout school and I recall teachers wanting to keep my work as a good example for their next class, I won many art competitions too since I had such a vivid imagination for things.

When I was 16, I worked for a year straight and saved up for a car. I imagined a red Ferrari but instead and realistically I could only afford a red Nissan 240SX, it was the closest I knew to the looks of a Ferrari and within my $3000 dollar budget. As soon as I began driving I applied to a temp agency that threw me around to different work industries from food and beverage, clerical and service work. My versatile mind frame soon embedded itself through my work ethics too.

One of my most memorable jobs through the temp agency was being an auctioneer model. It was a classy event somewhere in the green hills of southern California and I had to display fine jewelry in front of a crowd of buyers on stage. I almost felt like Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune. It was then when it clicked and I began to apply to agencies in LA on my off time for various gigs as a model and actress while working part-time back in my hometown, Temecula. I loved the fact that I got to pick and choose what and when I’d like to work as well as being surrounded with the good work ethic in people in the entertainment industry, they were all passionate, and not to mention the diverse work load it offered was boundless. I soon incorporated model/ acting jobs in my resume and appreciated how my work life never got boring. Even to this day I keep my hand in different jars, it allows me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and be in a new environment almost every day. I was fearless to a point where I just tried to expose myself to anything and everything that faced me to help me grow as well as help me find my strengths and weaknesses. In 2011, I found a passion for writing accidentally. I was hired as an assistant and the guy I worked for mentioned he needed a content writer for his site. I said I’d do it because I remember acing all my creative writing tests back in school and I very much enjoyed it too, well if I was passionate about the subject. I then wrote content for the site, typical content you’d expect in an informative local / tourist site but with a little twist of my creative imagination. I then started my personal website to promote my modeling and randomly blogged on there from time to time. It was later when I noticed millions of bloggers expressing their thoughts and ideas and how blogging can make a difference in the world. I figured I can take a shot at it too.

…I think I was born to be a muse. I love to admire, I love beautiful places, things and pleasant people. I also love to entertain, be entertained, design, make art… This is what made me start my blog. And this is what my blog will encompass; the variety of places (things to do that I recommend), people, as well as a variety of art that integrates into social settings.

My appreciation is endless and my experiences have taught me what I like and don’t like, what I truly appreciate and who I am as a person, so I will try and keep everything within my tastes… let’s see where it leads me…


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